Parturient Prospects

November 01, 2006 - November 02, 2006

In Parturient Prospects ' Dixie situates her experiences against Western discoursed, especially images from early modern Europe. Focusing on the ways in which visual representations construct woman as 'other', Dixie invokes reference to woman as 'other', Dixie invokes reference to not only representations of birth and maternity but also religious, medical and geographical images. While the Gendered underpinnings of theses discourses are not always immediately transparent when they are invoked simultaneously, Dixie's works reveal that they are in fact mutually reinforcing agents and indeed often use related tropes. (Schmahmann, 2007)

'Dixie's works expose the points of resistance, fragility and uncertainty within discourses about maternity. In revealing the devices and tropes that have been used to counter or manage the threat of female power and subjectivity, in suggesting that they are ultimately provisional rather than essential and stable signifiers, her works invite viewers to question the ideologies underpinning not only historical but also contemporary representations of birth. (Schmahmann, 2007)