Christine Dixie is an established South African artist, who has regularly exhibited in that country, the US and Europe. She is primarily a printmaker, but her art also finds expression through films or elaborate installations.Her work challenges the ways gender roles have been historically conditioned by society, myths, and image-making. The manifestation of the colonial history that haunts the town of Makhanda, (the Eastern Cape city where she lives) has compelled her preoccupation with Europe’s legacy in Africa. Her practice and aesthetic rely on archival imagery and in-depth research. 

Commenting on her exhibition The Astronomer, the Princess, and The Order of Things art theorist Ashraf Jamal writes that it ‘…reads as a fable, as fabulation, as invention. As a body of work, it is fantastical, but it is also grippingly current, in so far as it is wholly concerned with an interpenetrative elemental world in which perceived order is turned on its head, deep sea divers become astronauts, and the order and chain of being is disrupted and realigned. This is because Dixie is intrigued by obfuscation, messing with order, repositioning the human – in the figure of the princess – as a dreaming tool in the greater scheme of things.”

Recent solo exhibitions include The Harbingers and  @ Bathurst St., Makhanda at the Gallery of the SARChi chair at the University of Johannesburg.  Blueprint for the DisOrder of Things at the Wits Art Museum and The Astronomer, the Princess and The Order of Things , Graham Contemporary, Johannesburg and To Be King at the Iwalewahaus, Bayreuth, Germany.