Harbouring Fanon in Tunis.

1.       Harbouring Fanon in Tunis

Fanon left for France and travelled secretly to Tunis. He was part of the editorial collective of El Moudjahid, for which he wrote until the end of his life. He also served as Ambassador to Ghana for the Provisional Algerian Government (GPRA). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frantz_Fanon. Harbouring Fanon in Tunis superimposes two visual tropes that are separated by time, a woodcut whose imagery is drawn from early European colonial maps and Google Maps. These two images are collapsed onto the single geographic location of the harbour at Tunis. The contemporary refence of Google Maps points to the continued influence of Fanon in the present

  • Harbouring Fanon in Tunis.
  • Christine Dixie
  • 2019
  • hand colored woodcut with transfer
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