Harbouring Fanon in Alger.

1.       Harbouring Fanon in Alger


Fanon left France for Algeria, where he had been stationed for some time during the war. He secured an appointment as a psychiatrist at Blida-Joinville Psychiatric Hospital in 1953. He radicalized his methods of treatment, particularly beginning socio-therapy to connect with his patients' cultural backgrounds. He also trained nurses and interns. Following the outbreak of the Algerian revolution in November 1954, Fanon joined the Front de Libération Nationale, after having made contact with Dr Pierre Chaulet at Blida in 1955. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frantz_Fanon.Harbouring Fanon in Alger superimposes two visual tropes that are separated by time, a woodcut whose imagery is drawn from early European colonial maps and Google Maps. These two images are collapsed onto the single geographic location of the harbour at Oran. The contemporary refence of Google Maps points to the continued influence of Fanon in the present


  • Harbouring Fanon in Alger.
  • Christine Dixie
  • 2019
  • hand colored woodcut with transfer
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