Harbouring Fanon in Accra.

1.       Harbouring Fanon in Accra

Fanon attended conferences in Accra, Conakry, Addis Ababa, Leopoldville, Cairo and Tripoli. Many of his shorter writings from this period were collected posthumously in the book Toward the African Revolution. In this book Fanon reveals war tactical strategies; in one chapter he discusses how to open a southern front to the war and how to run the supply lines. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frantz_Fanon. Harbouring Fanon in Accra superimposes two visual tropes that are separated by time, a woodcut whose imagery is drawn from early European colonial maps and Google Maps. These two images are collapsed onto the single geographic location of the harbour at Accra. The contemporary refence of Google Maps points to the continued influence of Fanon in the present.

  • Harbouring Fanon in Accra.
  • Christine Dixie
  • 2019
  • hand colored woodcut with transfer
  • Variable Edition of 5.
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