The Matrices

02 October 2020

The Matrices   Link to the exhibition catalogue

The Matrices is the next iteration of a project started in 2010, entitled The Binding. The Binding engages with the psychological and social implications of the story of the Aqedah (the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham).  Core to this engagement is an exploration of the complex traversing of space as artist and mother - distance is required as observer/artist and closeness needed as a mother in relation to my son.

In the installation The Binding, one of the ways in which the presence of the mother is indirectly conjured is through the use of materials associated with ‘woman’s work’ such as a crochet blanket and embroidery. These were the materials that left their deep impression, their trace, in the white woven paper through the use of collagraph.

In The Matrices I returned to the matrix’s from which the final etching/collagraphs were printed for the print component of the installation in order to create the relief sculptures which constitute this series. Materiality is foregrounded in the act of creating and re-creating dimensional objects constituted in part from the original matrix.