The Disorder : Blueprint for the Disorder of Things

Blueprint for the Disorder of Things is an Artist's Book that was a collaboration between bookbinder Helene van Aswegen and Christine Dixie. The title is an ironic  reference to  Foucault’s The Order of Things .

The colour of Indigo, the colour used for a ‘blueprint’ permeates this book . The architectural refences associated with a blueprint - a means by which architects draw out ‘a plan for the future’ becomes paradoxical in the context of disorder. The long association of indigo with trade-routes alludes to the routes by which The Black Plague and the current pandemic have been spread. Contemporary references to the Covid-19 Pandemic appear through the graph of the rise and fall of the pandemic over the course of the year 2020 in the different continents, the medical diagrams which reveal the means by which the pandemic is transmitted.